Wesley – Bass   |   Hylke – Rhythm Guitar   |   Martijn – Vocals   |   Jory – Lead Guitar   |   Daan – Drums


A band that started in 2004 with only one goal: THRASH. Founded by lead gitarist jory and has since evolved into the formation that it is today. Tribal Spirits can be described as a mixture between Thrash and Death metal, always working on new songs, developing new ideas and pushing theirselves to be the best they possibly can.

Over the years Tribal Spirits has played more than 100 shows and shared the stage with acts like Hypocrisy, Milking The Goatmachine, Leng T’che, Debauchery, Gamma Bomb, Mayan and many others.

After releasing the full-length ‘Overthrown Reality’ in 2009 and EP’s ‘Possessed’ (2007) and Rising Era (2012), they are currently busy with new material in their new line-up.