On a certain day lead guitar player Jory Hogeveen decided he should start his own band; That was the very choice making Tribal Spirits what it is today. In the year ’04 Tribal Spirits was born, in which Alwin (lead singer and bass player) joined Tribal Spirits to ravage the ears of many with his loud and brutal scream. At this time, Martin Kroeze was the drummer. This particular year Tribal Spirits got kicked out of their practice space due to too much noise, being forced to play somewhere else. Jory and Alwin did not gave up.


Jory, Alwin and Martin played their first show on their school. Yoni Drijfhout joined after to played with them several shows, soon to stop again and leave Tribal Spirits. They recorded some songs on their own, also recorded a more official recording of the song “Possessed” (title song of the much later released EP “Possessed”)


’06 was a very important year for Tribal Spirits because one bandmember left, but two where found. Bart Rouw was elected new drummer and 5 days after he joined, the first show with the new drummer was already happening. Wesley de Peuter (rhythm guitar) also joined Tribal Spirits this year! Wesley was the new rhythm guitar player and stayed ever since. With his ravaged guitar and brutal ways of playing, Wesley was an excellent addition to Tribal Spirits!


Alwin got tired of playing the bass and Tribal Spirits began searching for a bass player. Niels Kroon (bass and grunts/screams) soon became a member of Tribal Spirits which made Tribal Spirits a five headed formation. A demo was recorded the beginning of this year, but later on “Possessed” was released (July).
This 6 tracks EP along with a party would mark the definite character of Tribal Spirits, but seemingly wasn’t the final profile Tribal Spirits would bind to.


Metal battle, March 2008. It was one of the most brutal concerts Tribal Spirits ever had before, showing all the work that was done over the past years. Performance and style had been principal points this year. The first round of the Metal battle had been conquered, but Tribal Spirits would never make it to the semi-finals. Collaboration with drummer Bart had come to an end, forcing Tribal Spirits to cancel the near future shows.
What Tribal Spirits didn’t expect was that they soon had the cooperation of Daan Klemann (drums) on their side and the shows could continue, due the hard work a week before the concerts.
Playing concerts started to appear a lot more this year!


In This year, Tribal Spirits finally represented a strong formation of musicians; Jory, Alwin, Daan, Wesley and Niels. With their debute album out, named “Overthrown Reality”, released October the 3th in the Underground at Lelystad, Tribal Spirits was armed and dangerous to charge the stages of Holland and of course, beyond.
This year was a great year, full of promising concerts and some contests. The year was closed with a bang with the Geldersch Metal Treffen Party: Their vision on 2010 is to write more brutal, innovative and awesome songs and give many large concerts, as they will be playing on the Torenpop Festival in Amersfoort.


A year with major changes and great improvements. The first month started with the support act for Survivors Zero and no other than Hypocrisy! Doing many great shows the band had a change in their line-up again. Niels felt that the band wasn’t cut for him anymore. With his last great show at Torenpop festival Tribal Spirits’ formula changed, fortunately it packed out very good!
Guitarist Welsey picked up the bass and Martijn Grooten was the new guitarist for the band and also took up the second vocals. On stage the changes within the group are working great, the band is more in shape than ever! The summer is used to write some great new material and the band is planning for a new disk in 2011!

In your face! Heavy Thrash Metal!